Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I took the last Roman blind down to my Mum's yesterday for hanging.  It is a monster of a blind - 96" wide.

I spent an hour or so in the morning adding the final touches, having done the hand-sewing at the weekend.  My corners were neatly mitred, which always pleases me hugely.

My eyelets were all positioned for the cords to run smoothly through.

Off I went and teetered all along her kitchen worktop only to find that once it was up it looked horrendous!  No amount of coaxing the fabric to lie smoothly could stop me from taking it all down again (moodily, I might add) and it is now rolled up in my workroom waiting for my temper to cool down enough to start the mammoth task of unpicking all the hand-stitching and all the machine stitching to make another lining.

Not only does it need another lining but I am also wondering about using a lightweight interlining as well to give it a bit of body.  I have bought some more wood to use as a weight along the bottom edge which I'm hoping will give it some substance too.  And maybe double up on the eyelets...

No quilting for me for a bit...


  1. What a nuisance! It looks very good in the photos though!

  2. oh no!! don't loose hope though, i'm sure you'll manage to fix it!

  3. Oh no! And I was so hoping you'd finally gotten through all the blinds.

    But I know you'll have it sorted and hanging beautifully soon!

    K x

  4. Oh no, not so good after all of that hard work but I'm sure it will be worth the fix. It would have just kept annoying you otherwise. All the best. Lou.


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