Sunday, 12 September 2010

Pecking order...

I'd like to introduce you to my two new girls.

Ethel is a very pretty Sussex Star and Elsie is a Speckled Star.  I have had to consult my hen-keeping book to read up on the best way to introduce newcomers.  I have kept them in the run and let Flossie roam free around the garden as usual but when I put Flossie in last night, Ethel gave her an almighty peck on the back of her neck which made her cower horribly.  So I decided to remove Flossie from the coop and allow the other two to make their way into it for their first night.  Flossie stayed in the garage in a cat box with some straw! 

It took quite a bit of persuasion on my behalf for Ethel and Elsie to go to bed in the coop!  Imagine the scene with me trying to catch them, leaning in through the door of the run!

This morning, Flossie is tidying the garden while the others are being kept in the run.  She is also taking liberties by fussing around in the kitchen as I prepare lunch, knowing that I'm feeling a bit sorry for her!

I decided to call them after two elderly neighbours that I remember from my childhood.  They were sisters, I think, and lived with their brother, Arthur, and a dog called Beauty in the house next door.  The nice thing is though that Elsie was also my paternal grandmother's name.  She died before I was born and Flossie and Lily were her sisters, so the names are still connected in some way.

I absolutely love the delicate necklace that Ethel is wearing!  I'm not really that keen on white chickens, but with such markings, I was happy to change my opinion!


  1. I have a white Sussex hen like Ethel! Mine is at the top of the pecking order and very selish and greedy!!! A few years ago when I had to introduce a new chicken, I had to keep them separate during the day but where they could still see each other, and at night put them into the Eglu together. It took about 2 weeks for them to accept each other and then they became inseparable.

  2. Hi,
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog and wondered if you might mention it on yours for me as I have no takers so far, boohoo.

    Thanks if you can!


  3. Introducing the two new girls sounds like quite the juggling act! Adore their names. Just hope you aren't feeling too hen-pecked by Tuesday! See you then :)

    K x

  4. Well they look very cute! I hope they soon all get on together!

  5. They're gorgeous. Hope they all settle into their new home soon.

  6. Hope your lovely girlies are behaving themselves and that poor Flossie has recovered.

  7. I LONG to keep chickens. Alas, my London garden is paved over (in any case, we're only lowly renters)... but how wonderful these little guys look! Are they laying? I only ask because perhaps some chickens do not, and are there only for their charm.

  8. OOOOh!!! I have a sussex and a speckled!! Lovely! My black star is broody at the mo. xx

  9. C to the U T E

    (that's how the kids say it, right?)

  10. They are gorgeous! I wish we still had our bantams. Lucy x


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