Wednesday, 1 September 2010

On a roll...

It seems that I have developed a fixation for cushion-making.  I've had these fabrics sitting patiently in my workroom for a couple of months now and knew exactly where I wanted them.

Then, suddenly, late this morning I had the urge to put it all into practice.  The cushions on the sofa are quite big so I decided to join some offcuts of batting to make a piece large enough rather than cutting into a bigger piece.  Using up the waste materials from other projects goes a long way to make me feel better about buying fabric all the time! 

Having pinned the pieces of batting to some muslin, I then used a wide zigzag stitch on my machine to join them together.

You can barely see the join and so I have marked this down as a complete success.

I wanted to try out some quilt-as-you-go projects and these seemed like a good size to give it a go.  I've been totally inspired by Andi's cushions and quilts over the last few months so I studied the photos in this post and got sewing.

I tried not to get too stressed about the straightness and widths of the quilting lines - I've read on other quilt blogs that this makes it organic.  I do organic!

Once I'd started, there was no stopping me.  My machine was flying!  Of course, it helped that I absolutely love this fabric line.

The machine quilting makes a wonderfully textured feel to the cloth and is quite different from my usual hand-quilting.

I completed the first one in a couple of hours and decided to harness the rhythm and make the second one too.

I even forgot to eat!  Now I have a relaxing bit of hand-sewing the bindings on in the morning and my sofa will be almost halfway to being revamped.

It's funny because I felt very out of sorts this morning and spent the first few hours of today in a dreamy state that I couldn't snap out of for a while.  But now I shall be going to bed feeling more than satisfied with my days work.


  1. oh I've never dared joining the wadding... will do now!

    And the boys sofa needs new cushions...

  2. You've done a wonderful job!!
    The design works perfectly with the Tufted Tweets fabrics.
    I bet your couch is feeling very smart and well loved!!
    Andi :-)

    PS Thanks for the linky love.

  3. I love the texture created by the lines of machine quilting. Can't wait to see the finished sofa!

    K x

  4. They look gorgeous! I love the quilting. Lucy x

  5. Love your new cushion covers - Tufted tweets is such a fun and cheerful fabric line to work with.


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