Thursday, 23 September 2010


I would never say I was a pink kinda girl, so it's always mystified me why I ever went for a predominantly pink blog design.  Today my blog is three years old and so it is time for a new look.  I probably wouldn't say I was a black and white kinda girl either, but I do like the clean look.  What do you think?  I'm very happy with the larger photos and the border around them.

So, what have I been up to?  I visited the Abergavenny Food Festival last weekend.  In a word, it was heaving!  I don't think I barely got to the front of any stall to see what was on offer and my camera stayed in my bag the whole time.  Who knew it would be so popular?  I'm not great in crowds at the best of times.  Never mind, I have food of my own to share with you.  Of the egg kind.  My new girls have started laying already.  Mini eggs to start with, but they are getting bigger every day.

Damsons have been picked from my mum's garden and made into jam - something I've not made for a long, long time.

Very good on scones, by the way!

My workroom has shamed me into photographing it... organized chaos, of course.  Nevertheless, I have started to tackle a major clear up of the house downstairs which has been long overdue.

Trips to Ikea have been made and progress is steady!

It's one of those jobs that has huge knock-on effects and the first part was to put some shelving into a store cupboard that was a total waste of space with just one shelf and a pile of goodness-knows-what on the floor...  You know the kind of thing, I'm sure.

To keep me sane, I have been quilting.  Some secret quilts for Christmas so I'm going to have to be very cagey about how much I show in case there are any spies out there...

Plus writing, of course.  I'm trying hard to overcome my self-consciousness in putting words down that don't sound too mushy.

Hmmm, a post that is neither here nor there.  Still, hopefully it's cleared my head a little.  Off to make Delia's goulash-y meatballs for dinner - YUM!


  1. Happy third Birthday!!! I like the new look of your blog. I am not a pink girl either! The new sized photos certainly make an impact. Your work room doesn't look too bad. I need a serious tidy up all over the house!

  2. Happy Birthday to your newly spruced up blog!

    And how come your damson jam looks like jam and mine looks (and spreads) like toffee? It tastes lovely, but the texture's wrong, too hard - and I promise I only boiled the second batch for one minute and it made no difference at all :-(

  3. Love the new clean design, Tracy, looks great. And there's nothing like a clear up and out, as I know only too well. Mine continues...

    3 years of blogging - well done! Eat cake and celebrate...!

    D x

  4. Oh your blog looks wonderful! It's lovely to see the image of those beautiful buttons up there.

    Many congratulations on three years. Hip hooray!

  5. Oh!!! How can you possibly be three? It seems like only yesterday that you started writing.

    I LOVE the new blog layout which will show off all your quilts at their beautiful best.

  6. Happy blog birthday! And the new design is fab. So much more you.

    Still have yet to learn jam making. One more skill for our skill swap--if I ever manage to think of something I can teach you!

    K x

  7. I like the new design very much! Especially the bigger photos. Happy blog anniversary.

  8. The new design looks fabulous. congratulations on reaching three years.

  9. happy blog birthday, it looks great after it's makeover oxoxo

  10. love love love the new design - fresh and bright. x


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