Thursday, 30 June 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 – June …

:: something with your town’s name on it ::

spotted walking past my GP’s surgery

June - something with your town's name on it


:: an elephant ::

a picture in my conservatory

June - an elephant


:: a wheel trim ::

I think I’d like one of these on my bike!

June - a wheel trim


:: architectural detail ::

on the bank on the corner of my local shops

June - architectural detail


:: cheese ::

l-o-v-e this cheese!

June - cheese


:: night ::

lights out!

June - night


:: tree branches ::

looking up on a sunny day

June - tree branches


:: cutlery ::

left this one until the last minute and did a quick dash outside this morning!

June - cutlery


:: a childhood memory ::

what I’m reading… I still play now, though and intend playing more…

June - a childhood memory


:: a farm animal ::

in my back garden! (I didn’t realise it was blurred until just now! Sorry!)

June - a farm animal


:: something beginning with z… ::

found in my workroom.  One day, I will conquer my fear of zips…

June - something beginning with z...


:: the view right outside my door ::

I can be found there most days, at some point.

June - the view outside your door


  1. You could become Amish, and then the zips wouldn't even be an issue.

  2. Cutlery was a bugger for me too! fear sewing them? I gave up on those a long time ago! In my girlish days, I failed miserably in sewing class when it came to putting the zipper into a skirt! I've had post traumatic stress about zippers ever since! LOL Fun pics! Annette

  3. I can put zips into things - not neatly but they are in and work!

    Great pics :)

  4. we should start a support group, zip sewing phobias anonymous!

  5. Great photos. I still play too and I'll never stop, hehe! I like the way you photographed cutlery!

  6. You were lucky with that elephant. Most of us would have had to travel quite a way.

  7. Great photos. I especially love your cutlery photo. Very artistic.
    Anne xx

  8. Great photos and nice interpretation for "night"...clever! Glad I found you via the Scavenger Hunt.

  9. Lovely pics - I'm zip-phobic too!

  10. I love the Chicken On A Mission shot !
    Zips? Isn't that why men invented the button ?

  11. brrrr.... zips...... I live in fear!
    The terrace looks fab, not surprised you are out there often,

  12. I like the view outside your door. I think I would feel drawn out there a lot too!
    Lisa x

  13. Great photos. The cutlery one looks very good even though it was last minute.


  14. Great scavenger hunt photos, well done.


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