Monday, 22 August 2011


Shiny new eyelets,

fluorescent guy ropes,

sparkling tent pegs

and a bit of spec to boot.

All the signs are there that I have realised my dream and bought myself a tent.  It seems that late summer is a good time to find a bargain for such a purchase.  My intent is to go camping before the winter sets in.

It was a doddle to put up and is having a good airing in my garden. So what better reading material to peruse than the books I have pored over for the last few years hoping that one day it would all come to fruition.

It gave me a view of the garden that I don't often take notice of - I'm usually looking the other way.  I didn't want to come back indoors and spent a lovely few hours relaxing with my sampler and laughing at my daft dog.

It was his birthday yesterday and he had a mahoosive rawhide bone as a special treat.  He shares his birthday with No2, who was 15 but adamantly refuses to be photographed.  My very own Inbetweener.

Of course, it has necessitated a whole new board for inspiration over on Pinterest!


  1. I must make sure I follow that Board - it will be beautiful for sure.

  2. I love your tent and I hope you get to go camping before your summer finishes. Such a cute dog with such a BIG treat.
    Anne xx

  3. Happy Birthday to them both! Your tent looks most palatial - could always sleep in the garden as a test run, you know....

  4. Double Happy Birthday! And I've been trying to convince G to try camping on our allotment plot. Of course it would mainly be so I could eat hot dogs and s'mores!

    K x

  5. We have the Cool Camping cookbook, which has some fun recipes - the giant cookies were especially nice!

    Pomona x

  6. You are a better woman than I. Too many memories of mosquito bites and tinkling into a bucket, alas. But...have fun! (That sampler looks stunning!)

  7. woohoo!! welcome to the wonderful world of camping. You're gonna love it!x


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