Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Adventures in bag-making...

I made a bag!  What I'd like to think of as a proper bag, from a proper pattern.

I spotted the fabric way back at M is for Make but I think it is out of stock now. The grey fabric is a great weight, slightly heavier than quilting cotton.

This was my little adjustment I made that I gave a glimpse of here and it has worked out just fine. I don't get along with bags that are supposed to just perch on my shoulder. I have the wrong kind of shoulders.  It doesn't matter though because you can get little metal things and webbing to make things all better.

It holds everything I need it to hold and very nicely too.


I am going to do my November Scavenger Hunt post tomorrow and then I have decided that I need to get back in to my blog and am going to attempt a blogging Advent Calendar again.


  1. Such a lovely bag. I have had a new bag on my to make list for at least 6 months!

    Blogging advent calendar sounds great. We're doing one activity per day so maybe I'll try to join you, at least with a photo.

  2. That webbing idea worked really well - bag looks fab and I'm looking forward to your blogging advent calendar.

  3. It's a lovely bag! The fabrics really work well together - hope you will join my giveaway - more patterns!

    Pomona x

  4. ETSY!


    And I have the same shoulders.

  5. And what a gorgeous bag it is! Love the fabric and the shape of it and love your improvements - longer straps are definitely better.

  6. It is really lovely. And yes, someone said Etsy...there are bound to be tons of folk interested to have such a bag...


  7. So fabulous. Lovely and sophisticated at the same time. And I totally agree with you about sling bags--so much better.

    Ditto the etsy comment!

    K x

  8. Fabulous bag... I'm still dithering whether to do the blogging advent calender again. But it was fun last year... so maybe...

  9. That's a gorgeous bag. I can't manage to keep shoulder bags on my shoulder, either.


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