Sunday, 20 November 2011

In pictures...

A misty start to the morning but I am feeling in need of fresh air so I head outdoors.

I am joined by the hens, who now follow me around as soon as I step outside the back door.

The rake and my new leaf-grabbers, plus a fair few black sacks, are my companions for a bracing clearing up of fallen leaves.  I always make leaf compost and next year I am going to use it for this.

It feels like a thankless task when I have a tree that is still positively laden with yellow leaves.

The heavy dew looked dramatic on the dark green leaves on my bear's breeches.

Which is surprising me with a late flush of flowers.

Whereas my hellebore has one early flower.

And the muscari I planted just a few short weeks ago are starting to green up my pots.

My greenhouse is looking promising too. I'm feeling a bit nervous about planting out these seedlings now that the weather is getting decidedly cooler but maybe I should just bite the bullet and see what happens. If they don't survive, I can always sow more in the spring.

And look what has happened indoors! One of my amaryllis has flowered four weeks early! I planted them carefully so that I might have flowers on Christmas day!


  1. Ooh, thank you for the hellebore and amaryllis treats!

    Just brought in my Christmas cactus; I wonder if it will thank me by blooming, or if I let it get too cold?

  2. What a lovely post full of garden goodness. I love the way chooks follow you as soon as you step outside. I love them.
    Anne xx

  3. Oh you've been so productive in the garden! And wasn't the mist amazing on Sunday? It hung over the field behind the apartment all day.

    K X


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