Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 - October

:: a black cat ::
This is such a terrible photo (taken with my phone) I nearly didn't post it ... scraping the barrel with the first one here as there are no cats around me at all so spotted this one on an advert for flea treatment!

:: candlelit ::
cosying up my evenings now that they are so much darker

:: crunchy leaves ::
on my walk with Pippin

:: fog/mist ::
early one morning last weekend

:: golden ::
my pen tin

:: graffiti ::
surprisingly, I had trouble finding graffiti near to home. A good sign.

:: heritage ::
My great-grandmother crocheted, I crochet. I'm hoping the generations below me will love my crochet.

:: pumpkin ::
at the garden centre. Little and large!

:: river ::
not exactly a river, but the closest water to home

:: something eerie ::
on a leaflet I picked up in the vet.

:: sunset ::

:: a witch's hat/broomstick ::
modelled gracefully by my funny friend


  1. Thankfully graffiti seems to be very hard to find on the streets of GB these days ... most people struggled with that one! I love your cat ... very inventive! I scraped the barrel too this month ... some were really hard to find.
    Thanks for joining in!

  2. Lots of lovely pics - I think I would have struggled with most of them - you have done really well!

    Pomona x

  3. Great photos. October's list was challenging and you've done very well with your selection.
    Anne xx

  4. well done! I realise I have no cat.....

  5. Well done for finding all 12 - the black cats seem to be hard to find for most people.

    November list is looking good :)

  6. Must de-flea my cats (in a preventative fashion, I hasten to add). Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Great set of pics - Ilove the mist and the sunset ones.

  8. It seems we all found graffiti hard to find, which is good! Some of them were really hard to find I thought so well done on getting them all!

  9. I'm having so much fun looking at what others have photographed for this month's challenge, you have a great selection of photos and I enjoyed lokking at them.


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