Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Miscellany ...

It's funny, I've been itching to write a blog post but there seem to be too many thoughts in my head to focus on any one subject at the moment. It's not that I've been idle either. I now have to structure my day by taking regular breaks from doing anything for too long that requires me to adopt a 'head down' position, in order to keep my neck healthy and to continue healing. So that includes all forms of making and creating. Even doing the ironing is all about looking down, for goodness sake!

Also, I find that my posts are usually so clearly defined by the photos I take but in these days of Twitter and Instagram, my pictures somehow feel a little second-hand.

I just looked through my Photostream and realised that, actually, there are some photos that I'd like to share and the story behind them, so here goes:

  • No2 went to Iceland over half term last week. I offered to go as a parent helper but was told that I wouldn't be needed, which I thought was rather unfair. By all accounts, he had a great time but the food was terrible! I was a good mother and filled his suitcase with suitable rubbish (read Pringles and Haribo) to tide him over, which I was reliably informed that he was rationing to last the week. Oh dear...

  • As if one rainbow isn't enough by the waterfall ...

  • The highlight of his trip was to The Blue Lagoon. He didn't get any photos but we were excited to watch on the live webcam while he was actually in there! I do love this little video he made of a geyser doing its thing too.

  • Meanwhile, back at home, I have enjoyed the morning sun finding its way onto my table.

  • And then, in the evening, sitting with the twinkle of candlelight in an effort to embrace the dark evenings.


  1. I am struggling to embrace those dark evenings too - don't mind them so much when I'm hunkered down at home, but was each year passes, I hate driving about in the dark more and more (I sound like a real granny, don't I?).

  2. Iceland looks spectacular.

    Bonfire Night is my cue to light the candles again.

  3. Beautiful photos. thanks for sharing.

  4. I am making the most of open fires and candles - but struggling a bit with the damp and dark this year. Too many thoughts in my head too. I need to remember to take time t breathe every so often!

    I do think it was rude of them not to take you up on your kind offer of help. I mean really, surely they could always do with extra helpers? ;-)

  5. I don't think that you would have wanted to help on the field trip - trust me on this - can you imagine a whole coach load of kids on a Haribo high? Much better to be at home snuggled up with the candles at home.

  6. candles - that's a good idea. it is dark and damp here, I need cosy x

    glad your neck is continuing to heal, take care. x

  7. Lucky boy, what a fab school trip .. you were clearly of the impression that 'Mums go to Iceland' but I'm not sure Kerry Katona had that branch in mind you know?!

    Sorry to hear you've had problems with your neck, do hope it is easing now. xox

  8. Well being let off doing too much ironing is no bad thing but it's not so good on the making and crafting side - still, having a healthily healed neck is worth the price and I hope that it will be better enough for a bit more crafting soon. In the meantime enjoy your candlight - definitely a good way to feel a bit better about the longer evenings. Glad No2 had a great trip - what a wonderful place it looks even with bad food!

  9. Love the Iceland pictures and video. (It's the thought of the food that puts me off going.) Been lighting the candles here, too.

  10. If you're anything like me the worst is head down and arms forwards, making knitting easier than ironing or using the sewing machine, for example. I've made the mistake in the past of going back to doing the things I shouldn't be doing far too soon and always suffered a major relapse ... so patience pays m'dear, I'm living proof ;)

    Most inconsiderate of the school not to encourage every parent to be a helper ... you clearly missed some great sights!


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