Wednesday, 16 January 2008

My First Award...

Anna has very kindly nominated me with my first award! Thank you, Anna, I'm very flattered.

So, the thinking cap was donned to try and think of 7 weird facts about myself. Of course, No 2 says I'm weird on a daily basis, but then he's 11... So, here goes...

  • Much to No 2's disdain, I have the same thing for breakfast day in, day out; rain or shine; summer or winter: porridge. Made with skimmed milk, old-fashioned oats and topped with either banana and honey or stewed apple and blackberries depending on the contents of my freezer.

  • I happen to know that if you fast forward 45 minutes on the second video of BBC's Pride and Prejudice you will get the scene where Mr Darcy emerges dripping wet...

  • I have swum (swam?) with wild dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast at Panama City Beach on the Florida Panhandle many times, having holidayed there for 6 consecutive years with Splodge.

  • I LOVE Harley Davidson's. A Floridian friend of mine has a Road King and riding on the back is just amazing. I would love one...or a boyfriend with one! As a trade-off, I have a genuine pair of Harley boots which I wear when I've not got my Crocs/Birkies on! They go with pretty much my entire wardrobe, skirts and trousers. Did you know there is a Harley hotel just outside Daytona Beach? It's a bit of a monster, but I'd love to have a look round.

  • I have never seen The Sound of Music or eaten a kebab.

  • I have only ever burped out loud once in my life. (My Mum may disagree, but I'm not counting baby burps!) The thing is, not really knowing what it feels like to have a loud burp on the way, I was unaware whilst sitting on the tube coming home from work, heavily pregnant, and let one rip! Yes, EVERYONE did look at me as though I'd just crawled out of the gutter. Yes, my blush warmed up the whole Piccadilly line carriage! I just folded my arms over my HUGE belly as if to say, 'well what do you expect?'

  • I can't bear to have my nails unvarnished. It's always got to be a dark plummy colour, not too red, not too purple, not too brown. My friend's sister comes and does 'gels' for me which are brilliant because they don't ever chip but don't look like those hideous false acrylic nails.

I'm supposed to nominate some more bloggers for this award, but as The List Writer says, most of my favourites have already been nominated...


  1. LOL at No.2 - I'll remember that ;-)

    As for your never having seen The Sound of Music? :-O How did you escape it? My mother must have subjected me to it numerous times as a child.

    Take care. x

  2. hahaha, really glad I nominated you now- love the burp story! I am a bit weird about always having varnish on my toe nails- I figured toes (well mine) are ugly enough, so I must do everything in my power to pretty them up. I have discovered Chanels rouge noir- I know its expensive but it lasts for years..and I keep mine in the fridge!

  3. Ooh, I got a mention at the end - thank you! I am totally with you on the burping thing - I just can't burp. What a great story that is!

    Do you ever freeze frame the wet Darcy scene? I was known to in my youth...occasionally...

  4. Oooo...number two, I must investigate! ;o) 45 exactly, is it? Loved reading your list! My sister loved the Sound of Music...saw it too many times growing up I never want to see it again--so you're not missing much with that one! The burp story is hilarious! Congrats on your award--well done--enjoy! Happy Day ((HUGS))


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