Thursday, 24 January 2008

A promise of colour...

I had a quick wander round the garden earlier. The mild weather of the last few days has got my bulbs itching to show their faces. My morning routine usually consists of a dash down to open the chicken house, but this morning it wasn't drizzling and I have time on my hands.

I planted all my aliums into pots in the autumn on Alan Titchmarsh's advice. In a couple of months I'll be able to plant them in situ, knowing where all my other bulbs are by their green tips searching for warmth.

I remember that I've got orange parrot tulips in this pot, but it looks like I may have planted something else in there too. These are the kind of surprises I love about gardening and the up-side of having a terrible memory.

Hiding behind a tree, I was delighted to find these snowdrops daring to flower...the snowdrops were behind the tree, not me! They must be in the only place not to get trampled on by 2 crazy dogs...

I refuse to buy spring flowers in the shops until after Christmas, but as soon as January comes I can't resist any longer. These pink tulips look so good with the basil on my kitchen windowsill.

Thank you all so much for your congratulations on my university success, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Wish me luck again for tonight...No 2 wants to make marshmallows. He can't keep his nose out of The Gentle Art... and loves marshmallows. So as I've still got my friend's copy of Hugh's book on my kitchen table, we'll give it a go. I'm slightly nervous after reading Ali's post... I hope my Kitchenaid can take it...


  1. Oooh, your garden is going to be beautiful! I have pots of alliums around too, and some chucked in the flowerbeds somewhere too. I love the way their pom pom heads float about in the breeze. I'm sure alliums have only become 'fashionable flowers' in the last few years though, I certainly don't remember seeing them years ago. Good luck with your marshmallows, I was reading that book in bed last night (oh, the romance)xx

  2. Oh wow ... spring is springing. My garden is an utter tip at the moment - I must get out there and do some serious tidying up as soon as the weather improves a bit. x

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  4. oh I remember Ali's post with the marshmallows, have fun!

    the bulbs show great potential for spring to come - hurray!

    ( I left the previous comment but deleted it as I wasn't signed in properly and it didn't link to my blog - sorry)

  5. I'm sure your KitchenAid will be fine. It was just my 'not built for long operation' whisk on the Magimix that died a death.

    Alliums are my favourite bulbs of all. Hope mine come up again this year.

  6. Things have really started to come to life in the garden in the last couple of weeks - we've got lots of bulbs showing through too, and even a couple of daffodils - a very early variety, admittedly!

    I love alliums too. I hope mine have made it through the winter ...


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