Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Bread for the Journey...

Christmas and New Year are so bittersweet for me now...
Consequently, I was unable to post as the right words were hiding away somewhere. I didn't feel up to the jollity of it all, in spite of all that preparation. My friend, who is a minister at my parish church, and who I've got to know since Splodge grew his wings, gave me a book called Bread for the Journey - Reflections for Every Day of the Year. I intend reading each day's passage and try to get through 2008.

By today, I have already gained something as a result. This is today's entry:

Our Spiritual Parents

Joy and sorrow are never separated. When our hearts rejoice at a spectacular view, we may miss our friends who cannot see it, and when we are overwhelmed with grief, we may discover what true friendship is all about. Joy is hidden in sorrow and sorrow in joy. If we try to avoid sorrow at all costs, we may never taste joy, and if we are suspicious of ecstasy, agony can never reach us either. Joy and sorrow are the parents of our spiritual growth.

This is somehow the way I got through 2007 - my first whole year without my beautiful boy filling it. Strangely, I didn't want it to end...but end it did and here we are at the start of a brand new year. I wonder what it will bring?


  1. sending you warmest heartfelt wishes...and thankyou for your message on my post- I need toknow what Cavalo Nero is though!! Am off to google it...x

  2. sending you a warm hug x
    any celebration without a loved one is so hard - may 2008 bring you love, luck and healing x
    small steps.....
    tracy x

  3. Huge hugs to you. I hope this year brings you much peace.

  4. such sadness, may 2008 bring peace in your soul


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