Monday, 10 March 2008

...and finding it...

...all is well. It has been found. So a productive day was had yesterday and I managed to cross off quite a few things on My List.

It actually turned out to be a good day for being outside, so I went armed with my camera to capture what's going on in my garden. My broad beans have settled nicely since I planted them out 2 weeks ago. I sowed these in the autumn. No doubt they will soon be covered in black fly.

My shrubs and climbers are just full of buds.


clematis montana

clematis armandii

This climbing hydrangea is one of my favourites - the flowers are beautiful, huge and creamy.

In the greenhouse I sowed basil, purple basil, alpine strawberries (a freebie pack from Sarah Raven because I spent far too much there) and some more sweet peas. The ones I sowed in the autumn are looking good, so it will be interesting to see which ones are better.

After a hearty lunch of Jamie Oliver's Steak, Guiness and Cheese pie (but I didn't bother with the puff pastry lid, so we just had it as a stew to which I added some dumplings), No2 and I set off over the garden fence to give this bit of machinery a go...

My arms are killing me today! But my plot looks a million dollars! At least I think it does! I didn't get to plant my onions and shallots as we got carried away making a bonfire...

Boys will be boys and this particular boy completely conquered his fear of heights on his Scouts Fun Day and did some abseiling. The Scout Leader made a special point of telling me to be very proud of him and that he was a great kid. It's nice to be told that!


  1. It is nice to be told - but I bet you knew it already!
    Your allotment looks fabulous - all ready for Spring.

  2. how fabulous your plot is also in fear of blackfly on my broad beans-my top tip is to pinch the tips out of them (apparently you can eat them, fried in a little butter- the tips, not the black fly)and then the black fly scarper.Not sure from memory exactly when you do the pinching..not for a while yet though. Hmm. Not being very helpful really, am I?!x

  3. Looks like a very good day! Your garden does indeed look rosy.

    My veg patch is full of cat poo - time to don the rubber gloves methinks.

  4. What a great day...and so much in bud aleady! Happy Days in the allotment ((HUGS))

  5. There's nothing quite like a good bonfire, is there? I envy you bthe allotment.

    The neighbourhood cats have unearthed all the peas we planted last week and decorated the veg bed for good measure. Little horrors. And the wind knocked over my mini green house taking the carefully sown sweet peas with it, so it looks like I am going to be starting again!

  6. Your plot looks wonderful

  7. Oh I do love a nice bonfire - the smell is fantastic, isn't it?

    Many congratulations to your son - and I'm glad you feel proud - so you should!

    That allotment (is it an allotment? Or your garden?) is looking fantastic.


  8. So much to like in this post!

    . great fire and boy photo
    . stew with dumplings - yum
    . spring buds to lift my spirits
    . I didn't realise there was a Sarah Raven website - off to look now!



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