Saturday, 8 March 2008

Losing it...

...I'm not really sure what it is that I've lost, but something's been missing this week. The evenings have been spent eating rubbish (probably out-of-date) chocolates - not the usual Green and Black's Butterscotch.
Getting beaten every time playing chess with No2 and doing a bit of (half-hearted) knitting - not like me at all to be half-hearted - can you guess what it is?
I can't put my finger on anything in particular. Work has been ok, I got moved into a different class, which I've really enjoyed. I've been working one-to-one with a little girl and it's been lovely, apart from one day, arriving home only to find both her hearing-aids tucked safely in my pocket...not much use there! Oh, and I had my first bite from a child. The don't react policy is of no use if you only get told of it after the event - my screechy owww! scared the life out of the biter in question! And my neck (yes, neck!) is still sore...
At least Barney has enjoyed watching the highlights of Crufts in the evenings...

So, today I should have done quite a few things...but haven't really done anything...again. No2 has gone on a fun-day with Scouts, so we were up early. Here's a list of things I should/could have done:

  • Put wires along my shed roof to train clematis montana along
  • rotivate plot at allotment and plant onion and shallot sets
  • lift and divide bearded irises in border
  • sow beetroot and carrot under cloches in raised beds
  • clean out chickens
  • plant out tulips and aliums that I started off in pots in the autumn
  • take dogs out for a walk
  • hoovered and mopped floors (no thanks!!)
  • made imminent birthday cards rather than leave it til the night before...

The trouble is, I got my Ravelry invitation in the week and have spent hours (yes, hours) in front of my screen checking it all out, adding favourites and adding books onto my Amazon Wish List, so that's today taken care of.

Oh well, another day tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be able to use the weather forecast as an excuse to do more of the same...


  1. Awww, sorry to hear you've not been A1 (((hugs))). When I get like that I always blame my hormones :-D

    I didn't know about Ravelry - just went and had a look - gosh, some talented people over there! I can't knit that well, but it's very interesting.

    Hope you feel better soon - and get your jobs done!

    Take care. x

  2. several people have written they've felt a bit missing this week, so you are in good company, but I hope you start to feel better soon. I hope you ger some of your to do list done soon, well at least the bulbs planted so you can show us photos later in the year! take care, and don't get blown away tomorrow.

  3. Am blaming the weather, personally. I think once the longer warmer evenings come in we will all feel more inclined to do things, rather than come home and eat chocolate and ignore the phone. Umm, not that I would do that, of course...x

  4. Ah yes, Ravelry. I've been losing many a happy hour there myself! Is that a Little Cotton Rabbits egg in the making by any chance?

    Your to-do list is very impressive. Perhaps I could write one and kick start my own Spring.

  5. I hope it all starts to pick up for you soon.

  6. Hope you feel like yourself again soon. Are you by any chance knitting a "Little Cotton Rabbits" easter egg? It looks great :D


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