Saturday, 15 March 2008

My Conservatory...

Kitty complimented me on my garden photos earlier in the week. She said, and I quote, 'it looks like Kew Gardens'. I had pointed out that I only show the best bits of the garden, which really amount to a very small bit at any one time...small as in just the buds! Not last years dead foliage around the bottom of the plant, the bits of chewed up flower pots that my pesky dogs insist on scattering around the garden and all their doggy doo-doos...oh, no, just the best bits!

Anyway, on reflection and in keeping with the Kew idea, I got snapping around my conservatory. Of course, it is nothing in comparison. Come and have a wander round...

I've had hyacinths in here since the beginning of the year and I never tire of their scent, particularly first thing in the morning.

I tend to spend most of my free time relaxing in here, usually knitting, listening to music or reading. My favourite seat in the house is the little reclining chair that was an impulse buy whilst out buying sofas for my living room. To sit and just look out at the garden is a good way to pass the time, mug of coffee by my side, watching all the action at the bird feeders.

Rose quartz is my favourite crystal and one of my good friends gave me this chunk at Splodge's funeral to remind me of the love I have for him.

The pink hydrangea has replaced my Christmas poinsettia; when the flowers are first out they are almost lime green and turn pink as they get bigger.

My Mother-in-laws tongue has 2 flowers on it. I've had one of these for years and years and have never seen a flower on one before. There is a tiny droplet of water underneath each flower.

The tin of dog treats is next to the back door to entice that pair in when I'm waiting to go to bed and they've decided to have a game of chase around the garden last thing at night!

I was bought the fossil for my 40th birthday last year. I'm trying not to take it personally...

I bought the little African drum from a street hawker in Kenya many moons ago and it has been a constant source of fascination by various little people who have lived and visited here over the years.

There is something about a feather that I find irristable. Pheasant is one of our favourite meats, much tastier than chicken and some of my Dad's friends often give us a brace after a weekend shoot. I just can't throw the tail feathers away, so have now got several in a jug on the windowsill.

Then, of course, there are the obligatory cacti. The perfect plant for a conservatory as it heats up like a desert when the sun is out and they will survive when I've had to move the gorgeous orchid and any other flowering plants to cooler climes.

ps. Many thanks to Driftwood for the mosaic tips - I probably should have been ironing too...


  1. It does look like a wonderful place to sit and just be. We don't have space for a conservatory without sacrificing a lot of garden, so for now I just enjoy looking at other people's!

  2. That is a wonderful mosaic of photos - did you do it at picasa?

    I'm afraid I find the scent of hyacinths a bit overpowering - more likely to have me saying 'pooh!' than 'mmmmm', but I think they are very pretty flowers.

    Can't wait to see more of your blooms later in the year.


  3. what a gorgeous tranquil looking place, our conservatory is crammed full of toys......

  4. That chair looks very comfortable! I would spend hours in it bird spotting!

  5. Just the thought of having a conservatory is terribly exotic, until I reflect on the fact that it is necessary to keep the cold away from sensitive plants.

  6. Love the photo mosaic- and your chair looks like a lovely comfy place to sit and watch the world go by.x

  7. What a perfect sanctuary!


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