Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Cornish Cruncher...

Like cheese? Try this! I had a bit of time on my hands last week so thought I would have a slow browse around my local M & S food store rather than the usual mad dash in for milk and bananas. This is what I spotted and my goodness, its delicious! Just as it is, on a cracker - perfect! It didn't last very long and will probably feature on the mad dash list in the future.

On Sunday I went to the Country Living Spring Fair in Islington. I've read that a fair few bloggers had visited. I have to admit to being slightly disappointed. I thought there would be more outdoorsy stuff; chickeny stuff, maybe. Although I did buy these nice little books on the Country Living stand.

There seemed to be an awful lot of jewellery. I came away hoping never again to see a gingham heart! Which is a shame, because I quite like a gingham heart... Oh well, at least I had the most delicious apricot and ricotta muffin (sorry, no photo - too tasty).

Just as we were making our way out we got stopped by a chap asking if we had a sugar lump on us! Making to walk off, he then completely caught our attention by promoting the WI and explaining that the hugely detailed flower that a lady was showing was made entirely from sugar! He was very entertaining and the ladies on the stand were good fun. I asked him how come he knew so much about the WI if they didn't allow men to join their groups and he said that he worked in their PR department. To cut a long story short, my friend and I have signed up and are waiting for the information about our local group to be sent out to us! I'll keep you posted...

I then had time for a wander up Essex Road to White Stuff - my favourite clothes shop, where I bought a couple of things for the spring. Then a quick cross through via Cross Street, and of course, Loop. I bought some beautifully soft alpaca yarns to crochet a skinny scarf.

It's as soft as butter through my fingers when I'm working - gorgeous!


  1. There are so many fellow bloggers talking about the WI at the moment its making me very intrigued! I then went to my village hall where there was a photo of Blyth WI, and not to be rude but they were older than my Nan. If it was a bit more like Calender Girls but no nude bits I might be interested!

    Sorry the CL fair was a little dissapointing for you, I keep saying I'm going to go but always find a reason not to go!

  2. Sorry you didn't have such a great time at the fair, but at least you made it to Loop which is more than we managed! I will get there one of these days though ...

  3. Oh my word, that yarn looks positively edible!

    I've always had a secret hankering for the WI - not the women in it, but to 'try' it. I'll be really interested to know how you get on.


  4. Lovely yarn! I laughed at the gingham hearts, because I felt exactly the same way about the bunting last year!

    Look forward to hearing about your WI exploits. Us crafty bloggers should be prize candidates for membership, but somehow it just doesn't happen. Perhaps you'll buck the trend!

  5. Our version of WI in Australia is the CWA (Country Womens Assoc). There was a scandal a few weeks ago - one of the Queensland stalwarts is now in JAIL for stealing charity money!!
    I can't tell which I like the look of more - the yarn or the cheese. I think I want both.

  6. the cheese and the yarm look yummy

  7. Your new books look lovely! I too am a HUGE fan of White Stuff and never fail to find several things in there I love each time I visit. Their dresses are lovely. Must resist til pay day though! Think you will hav great fun with WI, if not just for 'Jerusalem' at the beginning...heehee x

  8. Why is it called cruncher? Is it the onions? I'm not sure that I want my cheese to crunch...

  9. I have been hankering to join the WI for ages, and have not plucked up the courage to yet. I need a local friend to come with me! But you have inspired me so am off to nag some friends now....

  10. my favorite cheese is also cornish cruncher - i didnt realise it was also being sold with balsamic onion added.
    the yarn also looks super - i used to do a lot of knitting when i lived in nz, but now that i live in grece, there is little call for it...


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