Saturday, 15 August 2009

10 days, 10 things...

So, 10 days have passed since I last posted...

Not really sure why that is, but it's been a strange time. A time of fleeing at a moments notice; a time of tears and laughing; a time of having friends and being a friend. The holidays are going at a steady pace and I'm enjoying having No2 around...


10 things that have marked the long summer break so far:

:: Babette panels 1 - 5 ::

:: Blue butterfly at London Zoo ::

:: Blue binding ready to finish my quilt ::

::Bug house at Syon Park gardens ::
I want one!

:: more Jitterbug because I have the sock bug ::

:: NOT the dahlias I ordered, but lovely nonetheless ::

:: stunning orange dahlia picked from the PYO beds at my local nursery ::

:: purple anemones outside my backdoor ::

:: the most amazing terraced gardens at Upton House ::

:: and the stairs that lead you down ::


  1. My brother got married at Syon Park - what a wonderful place it is and that bug house is amazing.

    Glad things are good with you and number 2.

  2. So in love with Babette! How I wish I could crochet.

    And very glad the flowers are working out despite the mixed-up order. Rachel (who provides me with the wonderful berries) apparently had problems with her SR veg order this year, too...

    K x

  3. Those ten things made me very happy...

    Wishing you a beautiful end to summer..

  4. All lovely! What size needles are you knitting jitterbug on?

    I used to go to Syon Park quite regularly...a long time ago!

  5. Gorgeous photos - I used to work at a butterfly house - I love those butterflies - it is rare to see them settled like that! Lucky you to get a photo! xxx

  6. oooh I love Upton House and that garden, and the swimming pool. So easy to imagine the decadent parties they would have had there in it's heydey! x


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