Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I see I'm not the only one knitting socks! My first attempt and it's all about the yarn for me:

Colinette Jitterbug, colour87, bright charcoal.

The tiny dpn's have always taunted me but they are, in fact, a joy to knit with and this yarn is so smooth, the stitches are beautifully regular.

I love the way that every now and then you get a totally random colour come through in just a couple of stitches...like bright pink...

...or lime green...

I'm following the pattern that comes on the back of the yarn label. I think there is a mistake on the bit where you turn the heel though... it didn't look right at all and so I think I've managed to sort it. That was a bit scary on my first attempt!

And so, here in August, I'm undecided as to whether I'd prefer to wear flip-flops or woolly socks...


  1. oh so lovely, it's not that summery here so I vote for socks, although the half and half look is rather stylish too........

  2. The socks are gorgeous but if I had pretty feet like yours I would definitely be showing them off! x

  3. That is a beautiful sock yarn. Such gorgeous colours.

  4. Oh I love the colors. And your sock looks gorgeous! Might come in handy with this weather! K x

  5. Mine are Colinette too and it IS gorgeous. I may become addicted. But there are worse vices than sock yarn!

    Bravo on your first pair - sure they won't be the last.

  6. If your weather is anything like it is here in Somerset then you're probably right to plump for socks! I also adore how you get those occasional rogue coloured stitched popping up here and there

  7. Well done you, that looks a very good first attempt. (I can just to say manage with two needles). Gorgeous nail polish colour, btw.

  8. Your one warm foot looks snuggly, the other is tres elegante...

  9. What beautifully painted toes you have! It's a shame to cover them up just yet, but then again, if you're having the weather we're having here, then you're probably wearing wellies anyway!! xx


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