Monday, 17 August 2009

The end of the affair...

My red and blue quilt is finished. Oh, I love it. It has been a joy to make.

From choosing the fabrics..

...they came from here, here and here.

To cutting them all into squares and rectangles...

...pressing all the seams...

...and watching them come together.

Laying them out on the living room floor, watched by Pippin, who nonchalantly walked across the whole lot as I laid the final one down, scattering the whole thing across my slidey wooden floor... deep breath, start again!

Sewing the top together and seeing it take shape, excited by the prospect of the hand-quilting, which I love.

The satisfaction I get from the mitred corners knows no bounds.

And then seeing it folded neatly, finished, at last. Sigh.

Wanna see?

My inspiration came from Jane Brocket's Domestic Front Quilt which is on page 170 of The Gentle Art of Domesticity. There is no pattern, as such, so I guess-timated and each big square is 8" square, with the middle square measuring 4". Each of the six rectangles surrounding the middle square measures 2" x 4". These are all the finished measurements and I added a 1/4" seam allowance on each side. The finished quilt measures 64" x 80".

I see that Jane's book is coming out in March and is called Inspired to quilt. I love her quilts and they are my inspiration, so it is the perfect title, in my opinion.

One last peek, yes? Ok, here you are:


  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful quilt! Well done. the colours are so good together - you've found a very pleasing shade of blue.

    I love Jane Brocket's quilts too and have already bookmarked her quilt book on Amazon. She's like a toned down and slightly saner Kaffe Fassett!

  2. Oh it's so wonderful - red and that turquoisey blue are two of my favourite colour combinations and you have really done them justice - Love the red quilting too.

  3. It is beautiful. I hope that you have sewn sunshine and quiet summer afternoons into every square so that when you see it on winter afternoons it comforts you with warmth and peace.

  4. So wonderful! You have such an amazing eye for color and design. K x

  5. Whao, absolutely stunning! Must have taken you ages, you must be so pleased with the end result!

  6. Your quilt is so beautiful. I love the colours, the way you've combined them, the hand quilting... everything. It's glorious!

  7. Your quilt is your fabric choices. Very well done!

  8. Too lovely! I feel that I now need lots of red and turquoise blue fabrics...

  9. This is an extremely beautiful quilt - I adore the colours!
    I was skimming through your 'quilt' tagged posts and this one stopped me in my tracks - so lovely - well done you!
    Denise x


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