Saturday, 29 August 2009


When I saw the film Mamma Mia last year, I thought it must have been a bit of cinematic trickery to have sea so blue. I was wrong. It really is.

The Aegean goes from pure turquoise to indigo. It's been 22 years since I was last in Greece and I'd forgotten how lovely it is.

The people of these islands will be dining out on Mamma Mia for decades to come, I think. We had coffee and cokes at Skiathos Harbour (where Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan missed the boat...), where narrow cobbled streets converged onto the dock.

The colours of Greece are predominantly blue and white, like their flag.

We almost felt obliged to take the Mamma Mia cruise to visit the neighbouring islands of Skopleos (where most of the filming was done) and Alonissis. It may have been the promise of the film being played whilst cruising that did it. Needless to say, I have had 'Honey, honey..' like a brain-worm ever since...

This the tiny church perched high up on a rock where the wedding took place - we stopped for a 'snapshot', as the Greek captain kept saying!

No2 spent most of his time with his feet off the ground...

...trying to create the most impressive splash.

Me? I had the best baklava EVER.

And a couple of glasses of rosé in the evenings along with my kalamari...

Oh, and a case of labyrinthitis that won't shift so I feel like I'm still on the boat (so, still with the brain-worm). My doctor has told me to take travel sick tablets for a week to try and get back on dry ground...


  1. The holiday snaps are glorious - sorry to hear about the labyrinthitis - it's totally wretched. When it rears it's ugly head with me one of the GPs at my surgery does a practical manoeuvre with my head whilst I lay on his examining couch to encourage the crystals floating in the liquid in my inner ear to go down into the sump and stop bothering me, works a treat for me but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the procedure - ask your doctor and see if he can refer you to someone who can perform it. It's totally non-invasive and I've had great success with it.

  2. Sounds like a heavenly holiday! Hope you're feeling better very soon. And in the meantime just keep thinking of all that gorgeous blue and white: the perfect antidote to London gray! K x

  3. That looks like the most glorious location. Glad you had a good holiday and hope the labyrinthitis clears up soon.

  4. Oh my - to think I will be in Greece in two weeks ! And your photos have only made me more excited..

  5. I hope that you brought some of that mouth-watering baklava home with you.

  6. Looks gorgeous!! I have a hankering to return to Greece too, and I haven't even seen Mamammia! I'm eating greek yoghurt and honey like it's going out of fashion in memory of a whole summer spent in Corfu 20 (eeeeek!!!) years ago xx

  7. what fantastic holiday photos, wish I was there too xx

  8. Blissful holiday pictures - hope the ear thing settles down soon.


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