Sunday, 14 November 2010

5 a day...

My family like to come to lunch with me on a Sunday because they love the vegetables!  I love that they are in season, local and organic.  I love that they are things that, unless they were delivered to me, I perhaps wouldn't necessarily buy.

Acorn squash and sweet potatoes will be roasted in olive oil, with a sprinkling of herbs.

Carrots and the most photogenic cauliflower will be steamed.

Green cabbage plus a few curly kale leaves left from last week, will be lightly cooked in boiling water.

And the onions?  Three of them will go into the pot of goulash that is cooking slowly in the oven.

After all that goodness, I think we deserve a sticky toffee pudding...

Happy Sunday!


  1. I'm thinking I'd really like to come to lunch too! I have to go and stand in a foggy field this morning and watch a Rugby match full of eager 10 year olds. Have delegated lunch and Florence Nightingale duties for Johnny to hubby. Got to get out of the house - I'm going nuts.

  2. oh looks incredible. really missing the veggie bag we used to get through school now that E has moved up to middle school. Those alien cauliflowers are the only ones my children will eat and I've only ever got them in a veggie box scheme. xxx

  3. That cauliflower is amazing! The perfect example of a Fibonacci spriral.

  4. Oooh, yum. We have a busy day of choir rehearsals and concert for Tall Small so I've had to forego cooking Sunday lunch - but mine would have been far more pedestrian than yours!

  5. Oh I love those cauliflowers! Our Waitrose sometimes has the mini ones. We've tried growing them but no luck so far.

    And if your soup is anything to go by, your veggie dishes are divine!

    K x

  6. You are making me feel hungry! They had amazing cauliflowers like that on the markets in Rome.

  7. Ooh, what a wonderful variety of veggies to serve your dinner guests.


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