Sunday, 28 November 2010


Eleven days since I last posted!  Eleven things that have kept me busy:

  • The one-step buttonhole foot on my new machine has been practiced with...

  • ...and mastered. 

  • I have been planting indoor bulbs now that all my outdoor ones are in.  Some are in the cupboard, in the warm but in the dark.  Some are in the greenhouse, in the cold but in the light.  Some are in the fridge, in the cold and the dark.  There is a bulb offer on in Marks and Spencer now - it is the same price as last year, but not such a good selection of bulbs, so I have refrained so far but would still recommend them as good buys for anyone that is interested...

  • I am looking for some nice moss around the garden to add to the paperwhites I have planted in baskets.  There is some growing on the wall that I will soon be prising off carefully.

  • We now have A Den.  This new addition to our living space has taken quite a few months to achieve and I think probably deserves a post of its own.  No2 is in his element and I am happy that he is now downstairs with me.  There is plenty of room for me to join him with my sewing as he plays on his x-box.  I don't last very long though...

  • Birthday cakes have been made and hideously decorated for my nephew and my niece, who share the same birthday.  The coiled snake was the highlight of the day for a certain 10 year old!

  • I have been slowly finishing off one of my Christmas quilts with some embroidered circles on the biggest square of the disappearing nine-patch.  All can be revealed very soon, just the binding to be hand-sewn.

  • I have had my November fix of Kew Gardens with Nancy.  You can read about our day here but I think these wonderfully purple berries deserve a second outing in Blogland.

  • It is f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g but a good opportunity to try and capture the sparkle of the frost in the garden.  I love this picture.

  • We haven't had any snow yet (it's forecast for tomorrow night, I think) but we are prepared.

  • Inspired from this gorgeous, gorgeous blog, I have been finding things from the garden to bring inside rather than buy flowers for my kitchen windowsill.


  1. A lovely blog post with so much to comment on. I love the purple berries, the den, the things you have been making and the bulb reminder! Thank you. I must get some bulbs! x

  2. Goodness, you HAVE been busy!

    I love the picture of your den - that sofa looks perfect for long teenage legs to loaf about on!

  3. Oh, it all looks wonderful. I don't know that you need to go recommending other people's gorgeous blog, yours is pretty stunning too!

  4. oooh so many lovely things. I think I would struggle to share that den xxx

  5. Life looks happy and busy and your kitchen windows are a good deal cleaner than mine!!

  6. 11 busy days indeed! Love the purple berries, don't think I've ever seen any like that!

  7. So many wonderful things. The one-step buttonhole is divine--would never own a machine without one. The den is amazing--and I still think you'll want to reclaim it as your very own soon! Must find out what those purple berries are...And that last photo of your kitchen windowsill is just stunning. K x

  8. gorgeous pictures - you definitely need to show us some more of your new den though - it looks amazing! Well done for planting your bulbs - mine are still sitting forlornly in the paper sack I brought them home from the garden centre in!


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