Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Den, part 1…

So, The Den is the final piece of the jigsaw from when I decided to have a major sort out at home. 
DSC_0118 (2)

No2 had been on at me for a while that he wanted a games room.  I guess this is the progression from a playroom.  We umm-ed and aah-ed for some time, deliberating over where we could make room for such a thing and we finally decided that the study/dumping ground that was redundant would be the most workable.
 Messy desk
First stop was to re-house all the things in the study, namely a large, messy desk, lots of shelving, lots of stuff all over the floor and a running machine that served as a coat stand.
 Study before
Way back here, with the help of my youngest sister, off we went to Ikea to make far better use of an empty store cupboard.

Empty cupboard
A transformation and über-organised! 

Store cupboard re-fit
Oh yes!  Shelves that reach the ceiling!  This sight makes me very happy.  It is a joy to find a light bulb… or a battery…

Store cupboard shelving
Next stop was to re-organise the room that I had started making into my workroom back here.

With heavy hearts, we began to take down all the multi-sensory equipment and dismantle the water bed.  That was fun – siphoning out litre after litre of nine year old water!  This was the more or less blank canvas I was left with.

Empty workroom
It was given a fresh coat of white paint and then I could start moving my desk in and repositioning my other worktable…

Workroom nearly there
…and finally organise my fabric stash.

Fabric stash (2)
Fabric stash

I can’t tell you how happy this room makes me.  I spend huge parts of my day in there (I’m sat at the table in the window with my laptop right now).  Still a few things to sort through and, ahem, organize but I’m getting there.  It feels like my playroom and takes me right back to the organised chaos of my office at work.

And so, then No2 got his den.  Another quick paintjob – the colours are by Crown and I’m loving the depth of them – and I have one happy teenager.

Charlie in the den!
The Den, part 2  will be about the cushions.  The Den is all about the cushions!  It is possible that No2 has a Den just so I could make the cushions.  That’s the way my head works in a roundabout way…


  1. Amazing how perfectly the couch fits. But you're right: it's the cushions that totally make the room :)

    K x

  2. Oh oh oh! Organisation AND cushions! Perfect.

    Love the cushions and love the fabric boxes.

  3. You have done an amazing job. I am sure that Tom would approve! x

  4. Your den is wonderful. And as for the workroom - well, I can imagine it does make you very happy to spend hours in there. What a fabulous way to repurpose a very special room.

  5. Wonderful den and workroom. I don't think I would ever come out of a workroom as beautiful as that!

  6. The Den is a triumph and I defintely want to hear more about the cushions. It's lovely that you're enjoying your new workspace - it looks incredibly well organised with those crates of gorgeous fabric - a very special place indeed for a whole multitude of reasons.

  7. you've got 2 beautiful and much loved spaces there xxx


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