Tuesday, 9 November 2010


...by this gorgeous grey linen coupled with this groovy organic cotton...

...that is yielding this pleasing pile of scraps...

...as I make these cushions for some furniture that is arriving next week.

When I should be writing, cleaning, ironing, baking or any number of other jobs that really ought to take priority.


  1. what do you do with the scraps? seems a shame to throw them away!

  2. I love the colours - they really work.

    Enjoy your new furniture!

  3. Oooh I've been in love with that pattern for months. And if the furniture is arriving next week, I think the cushions should definitely take priority!

    K x

  4. Ach, as my dad used to say, all that other stuff will still be there tomorrow.

  5. Love the fabrics - and I know the feeling! Just don't worry about the other stuff - go with your creativity!
    Helen x

  6. You could make beautiful garlands from those scraps.

    Which I would then buy from you!


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