Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dipping my toes in…

I strongly believe in things finding me rather than me finding them.  A few weeks ago now, I was having a relaxing Sunday morning lie-in, with a big mug of coffee and my laptop when I read Lynn’s post.  I’d been thinking about doing a photography course for quite a while and when I followed the link, Vivienne’s words spoke to me very powerfully and before I knew what was happening, I had signed up!


Sitting down on the job


It has been such a great thing to do and has really pushed my own boundaries with my camera.  As you know, I am a huge fan of macro and close-up photography but have never considered turning the camera on myself.  The activity for the first week was to capture our own reflection and then when we liked what we saw, to send a message to ourselves.  Vivienne encouraged us to be silly and playful and I have to admit, I have often ended up in fits of giggles at the mere thought of what I have actually been doing!


Walking with Pippin


The second week was about exploring the world around us and going on a photo walk.  It was about beginning to show more of who we are through the way we spend our time.  There was also a photo scavenger hunt, which I really enjoyed interpreting in my own ways.


Kicking up the leaves (2)


For the third week, we focussed on movement.  It had been so windy that past week that every single leaf left on the ground in my garden had blown up to the top and made it feel almost autumnal out there again so I couldn’t resist going outside to have a kick around in them.  I found a bargain of a remote control for my camera and I was off, snapping away at myself!


Now, in our final week we are being encouraged to find our own voices in self-portraiture. It’s about seeing our true selves in our photography.  I’ll be working on that in the next couple of days.


It is the first e-course I have done and it suits me down to the ground.  I have been able to fit it in around everything else and there has been no pressure to meet deadlines or dates.  There has been a wonderful community ethos within the private Flickr group that we share our photos in and it has been endlessly inspiring to see how the same brief is interpreted by everyone else.



(photo by Vivienne McMaster)

I have already decided to sign up for the next one which starts next week. It feels like I am not only learning more about my camera, but also about myself…


  1. sounds like you are having a great time. I don't think I could be that brave....

  2. I am so curious about how you are enjoying it. Self portraits are something I feel really inhibited about. But I'm a big believer in pushing the boundaries! Look forward to seeing the fruits of what you've learned.

  3. We are definitely on the same wavelength at the moment! I love the first self portrait - the one of you in the mirror. Lovely.

  4. Hello gorgeous girl!

    Yes keep know I think you should use your photos in your book..


  5. Gosh, that sounds both exciting and terrifying.

    And it's clearly been far too long since I last met you - your hair has got really long! Can we fix a meeting sometime soon?

  6. Ooooo! I like the sound of that! I am all for that sort of flexibility.. I might sign up for that onein the future - does it tell you about techniques (ie: how to work your camera?).

    btw, good photo, for a while I had to wrack my brains trying to remember when you'd said you had a daughter!

  7. Your photos all look lovely and it sounds like you've really enjoyed the course! Lucy x

  8. It sounds like great fun, well done. I know what you mean about self-portaits, they are the last thing I would think of doing too. Not sure why you are hiding behind your camera though, you look fab!

  9. I am so pleased that you're pleased! Especially given that all heck broke loose at my house and environs, meaning that I didn't get to participate as fully as I had hoped. Determined to catch up, though!

    (Love that photo of you.)

  10. I still think you're really brave. And I love that first picture of you.

    K x

  11. Oh! There you are! What a gorgeous photo. I'm so tempted by this but getting the time would be tough. I'll just have to watch your photo adventures.

  12. what a fabulous idea!

    I did a course at college before Christmas and it was totally enlightening... can't wait to see more!

  13. It's so great to watch these projects on your blog and Lynn's!

  14. missed this post before but how wonderful this course sounds and a great process for you too. i have done a few e-courses and love how they can fit in around everything else that we need to do in our days. i love your close ups and am interested to see where this new journey takes you with your photography. looks like you have been having fun.
    xx sweetmyrtle ginny


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