Sunday, 6 February 2011


I have many things to do and many more things I want to do and so I am having to be strict with myself.
I just had a tally up and I have seven Roman blinds and one pair of full-length curtains on my to-do list.  How on earth did that happen?  I wasn’t even aware that I still did curtain-making! None of them are for me, I hasten to add.  Luckily I have made two blinds this weekend (they aren’t included in the seven!), so my plan is working.
My sister was getting rid of this chair and I immediately saw a patchwork opportunity not to be missed.

Chair - blank canvas

I put my favourite quilt on it to get a feel of how it might look when I’ve finished with it.

Chair with quilt

It really will take every ounce of discipline I possess for me to keep it in line with the other jobs that really ought to take priority.

As a tiny reward for exercising a huge amount of discipline this weekend, I allowed myself a frivolous 10 minutes play and created this heart garland.

Tray with heart garland

Sooo  easy and satisfying to make.

Hearts garland


  1. please don't talk to me about 'lists'....

    (I thought about that garland too... but my list won't allow it, sigh)

  2. What pleasing arrangements you make! My house seems to be full of horribly untidy piles at the moment . . . and I have a sad lack of pink in my life.

    p.s. I think that your chair is going to be wonderful if that quilt is anything to go by. What room is it for?

  3. Love the quilt and your heart garland!

  4. Me, I'm in love with those beautiful flowers! Are they primroses?

  5. That is going to take amazing self control not to work on the chair... it will be stunning! Love the cute garland. Now talking of lists... it's time I wasn't here...

  6. A patchwork chair. Now you're talking. What a project that will be.

    Your little garland is adorable and your arrangements and collections are very very easy on the eye.

  7. Love your little heart garland and I'm admiring your restraint at not jumping the wonderful chair project to the top of your rather long list!

  8. nah, chuck the list and crack on with the patchwork seat cover, I reckon!

  9. The chair is going to be amazing! Are you sure the curtains can't wait? And then of course I'll have to commission you to cover my sad sad sofa...!

    K x

  10. Hope you are ok dragonfly. Not seen a post in a while.


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