Monday, 14 February 2011


I’ve got a free day today – the only one of this week.  I have been weak and so I got out my stash of Katie Jump Rope to have a play with for the thing that was supposed to wait in line.


KJR stack

I thought it was high time that this line of fabrics came out of the box and took centre stage in my workroom.  I’ve had a rough idea of how I wanted to use the fabrics and before I got my hands on the chair, I had the opportunity to have a play at upholstering a box cushion for a friend with the leftover scraps from the quilt I made her for Christmas.


Box cushion collage


Box cushion collage #2


The end result was just as I’d hoped and so I started out by cutting 2 1/2” strips and a 4 1/2” square for the middle.


KJR cutting strips


KJR 2inch strips

Then, starting with the square piece, I started going round it in a log cabin style…


KJR beginnings

…until it was the size I needed for the top of the seat cushion.  As this is only quilting weight cotton, I have decided to quilt it in pieces to hopefully give it a bit of strength and durability before I make up the actual cushions themselves.  I made a quilt sandwich with some batting off cuts and some muslin from my stash.  At first I quilted around each block but soon decided that I wanted something that looked more significant… so out came the seam-ripper!


Unpicking KJR


Now I am quilting it either side of the seam of the first square and then throughout the rest of the block.  I’m hoping this will give it a nice graphic feel.  I won’t be holding my breath over this project but it is something that I can pick up at any time and have a little go at when time permits. I’m already loving the feeling that I will be doing this project purely from materials that I already have, so the cost is virtually zero other than the reels of thread I am bound to get through. 


The rest of the week will prove to be quite heavy: I am visiting one of my bereaved parents tomorrow; I have supervision for my support work on Wednesday; I will be at St Mary’s on Thursday and on Friday I have a writing deadline to meet.  Today’s distraction has been most welcome.


  1. If I didn't already love you my friend the fact that you have a tatoo has just made my day..

    I get a new one next week - just a tiny little thing on the inside of my wrist..

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  3. Let's try to comment again with my brain in gear this time :-) Wow that is fantastic, what wonderful patchwork - love the combinations you have used. I hope your week isn't too heavy for you :-(

  4. Good for you for putting your free day to such good use - you can't keep such an enticing project at the back of a queue! That really is going to be one fab chair and as you say even better that it's from stashed materials. Hope the rest of your week isn't too heavy going and there's a little more time for a little more chair play!

  5. Oh it looks amazing already! And will be thinking of you this week. It does sound quite full-on. K x

  6. hope it went ok yesterday-think what you're doing is amazing.x

  7. wow, gorgeous. and I'm truly impressed, if I had a week like that coming up I might have spent my free day hiding under a duvet and refusing to face the week xxx

  8. These gorgeous colours are the perfect antidote to today's gloomy skies.

  9. just found your blog - :)
    love the colors


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