Monday, 21 February 2011


I’m not just peeling potatoes here, you know.

Peeling potatoes

I’m peeling potatoes wearing my new apron.  So I’m a little behind in the apron fashion stakes, but I got there in the end and I’m so glad I did.  It’s my version of Emmeline and I love it!  I knew I’d love it ever since I saw it way back here, it just took a while to come to the top of my list.  I made a couple of minor changes.  Firstly, I don’t really have any yard pieces in my fabric stash and so I couldn’t really justify spending £30 or so on fabric for this project, so I used four half yard pieces by adding the contrast to the bottom of the skirt to match the bodice.  I bought these Amy Butler half yards last year in a sale.  Being reversible I have got two aprons in one!

Emmeline cutting out
Emmeline pieces
Emmeline back unfinished

I think this is the first time I have actually made something to wear from a pattern since I was at school!  Over the years I have gained more and more confidence with my sewing from making things for the home and now quilting, and so I found the pattern really well written and straightforward.  I checked out the Flickr group discussion for any  tips or errata, and went with making the top bodice band double width and folded rather than seamed all the way round, and made the opening at the bodice side rather than the bottom of the skirt.  Nancy also suggested making the bodice a little longer as we’re both quite tall.

So here I am, posing in my kitchen ready to start my vegetable preparation marathon for family lunch!


Today’s sewing has been of much different proportions…


My arms are aching from just lifting this amount of fabric about…


  1. Oh I LOVE it!! Those fabrics are lovely together and so pretty. I want to go back and make another one with a longer bodice now - your one has a much better fit than mine. Brilliant!

  2. two aprons for one, and fabric in the sale, that IS cool!it looks great and pleased to 'meet' you too.
    love ginny x

  3. Get you! Looking sassy there Ms. Dragonfly!

  4. Oh it looks so fabulous! Must make one now. Much prettier than our allotment ones. K x

  5. The apron looks lovely! And so does your kitchen actually!!

  6. Very glamorous! The fabrics are so pretty.

  7. It's very fetching. And you have a Kitchen Aid. I am officially envious.

  8. ohh I love the colour combination and patterns in your new apron, very nice.

  9. too smart for an apron!! I torture mine...

    (I'm very jealous of your smeg fridge too.. not just the kitchen aid...sigh)


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