Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Late summer...

Hot colours around Kew yesterday, captured on camera whilst walking and talking with Alice and Kristina.

The highlight of my day was Alice tentatively asking if we ever stopped for a drink or something to eat! Heehee.  Of course we do... eventually...!

Holidays have been taken and I am seriously considering adopting the habit of taking a siesta in the afternoon as a matter of routine.  Just an hour, but it seemed to make a whole lot of difference to the rest of the day.  Particularly if there were gorgeous beaches to wander along.

I am a creature of the shade and so have no tan to show off.  More an impressive (for me) list of three books read and reaching the letter K on my sampler (that I saved for my holiday, being light to pack) ticked off my to do list.

I am looking forward to the rest of the holidays to be able to write, write, write (deadline fast approaching), balanced out with some creative pursuits and perhaps some gardening.


  1. We've just returned from a couple of weeks at the beach (though not hot enough to require a siesta!) and I miss it more than I thought I would.

    It looks as if you had a wonderful time yesterday - lucky you!

  2. still haven't made it to Kew...

    (and I wanted to try that sampler but it's all sold out! boohoo!)

  3. So many fabulous photos - you must have been busy with that camera.

    Thank you for letting me gatecrash your stroll around Kew - I had such a lovely day. Next time I will bring a high energy snack to sustain me until lunchtime!

  4. I am glad someone else is addicted to taking photos of flowers :-) I never tan, even when i went to Kenya but hey we will stay looking young for a long time :-) x

  5. Such a lovely day yesterday. What a beach! And of course we all know 'K' is the best letter :)

    K x

  6. Sakes alive! Those flowers are a feast for the eyeballs! So lovely to see at a time when everything floral around here is dry and brownish. I am dreaming of a day when I can accompany you (with sustaining snack at the ready, heh).

  7. Floral wonderfulness - I am slightly obsessed with those rusty coloured heleniums. Wonder if they make good cut flowers? Perhaps I would not be safe on a walk around Kew....

  8. oh that flower mosiac is to die for. x and I love your new header too x


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