Tuesday, 22 November 2011


There have been all sorts of different stitches around these parts lately.  Some beautifully soft malabrigo ones on my dpn's--I can feel a knitting phase coming on ...

Remember this? Well, it has been coming along s-l-o-w-l-y, inch by inch, stripe by stripe. Another 14 or 15 inches to go to cover my bed. It is a monster of a blanket and incredibly cosy. I can vouch for this for I am enjoying snuggling under it as I crochet the evenings away.  I hadn't touched it throughout the whole summer and paid for it dearly as quite a few of the colours I am using are now discontinued and it has been a job in itself tracking down odd balls here and there.  There are some pretty impressive stats to go with this blanket which I will finalise on its completion. Miles of yarn, miles!

There are a couple of sewing projects on the go too, which have required some accurate top-stitching.  I find that if I look at the needle as my guide, my stitching seems to go all over the place and so now I have discovered my own trick to fairly neat top-stitching. Not exactly rocket science, but all part of the process of learning!

There's been a new venture in bag-making, with a slight modification of my own due to my preference of a long handle to go over my body rather than a shorter one which invariably falls off my shoulder.

And then there's the stitching that needs to be unpicked and re-done. Sigh.  I'm trying to catch up with the FWQAL and not doing too badly considering how far behind I had fallen.


  1. I can see how that gorgeous yarn could well precipitate a knitting phase.

    I am knitting a sock with a tricky pattern. It is very slow going.

  2. Your mitt looks fab! The pink is perfect with Polar Morn. And I just saw on Ravelry that Loop got a big shipment of more Malabrigo in today...

    K x

  3. That blanket is incredible! I also love your use of arrows ;)

  4. That yarn is so beautiful!!!!!! Absolutely incredible! Blanket is pretty amazing too!!!

  5. Fab creations and I love your blanket, the colour are wonderful. I will be starting one very soon - eeek a bit scary really as it will be my first blanket.

  6. love the arrows and your gorgeous makes x

  7. Your ripple blanket is amazing! I bet it's wonderful to snuggle under and your malabrigo knitting is gorgeous - I do love that yarn. We're definitely coming into knitting season!

  8. It is the most beautifully wonderful blanket! I use my patchwork foot for topstitching then I can line up the edges - if I rely on my eyes all goes wonky!

    Pomona x

  9. Oooh Malabrigo is my favourite yarn! Is that the silky-merino blend? I need to find myself some of that again. Looks like you've been very busy! Lucy x


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