Sunday, 22 May 2011

Craft and cake…

…is a regular feature at my house on a Tuesday evening. I just realised that I have never blogged about it!  Probably because the ladies who come don’t blog and don’t know that I blog either.  For ages I had been asked to set up a craft club and so I made it my resolution for the new year and five months later, it is still going strong.  Personally, I think it is the cake that keeps them coming!  My promise to my ladies was that for their commitment, I would bake every week.

Yesterday, we had an extra-curricular workshop, hence the early morning baking.  Following the on from the fun I had at Kristina’s with Ms Silverpebble herself, I knew my ladies would love it too.

The concentration around the table was a living thing! And four hours later, there were five very happy bunnies all proudly wearing their own creations.


Table at cake time1


This was the table as I lured them away from it with the cake I had made.  A fabulously creative mess!  And here they all are, scoffing the cake to get back to the task in hand! I have never known such a short cake break Winking smile


Cake time!


Emma has such a wonderful selection of goodies to choose from, the hardest part is picking out what to incorporate into your design.  I just couldn’t resist this beautiful button.


Necklace button close-up


I also spotted two of Emma’s tiny, tiny silver clay flowers which I snaffled to add in too.


Lozenge and flower


I spent most of the afternoon crafting a choker with it, offset from the centre, and I love it!  I know I will be wearing it throughout the summer.




Emma – thank you so much for such a fun afternoon!



  1. oooooh - what a lovely way to spend an afternoon x

  2. You have an uneaten malteasers Easter Egg?!? Goodness me.

    Love the photo of that table - it looks as though everyone has been so busy!

  3. Oh wow Tracy - have you been practising since Kristina's? Your pieces are gorgeous!

  4. Sounds like a lovely way to sppend a few hours and with fabulous results judging by your gorgeous necklace.

  5. I thought for one moment reading your post, that you had taught them yourself!! Then I was the lovely Emma and it made sense.

    What a lovely choker (especially the weeny hidden clay flowers).

  6. You do run the best craft group ever! And such a gorgeous necklace--love the button. Hope to get a close-up view at Kew :) K x

  7. I love how they've left their specs on the table whilst cake is consumed. Your choker is fab.

  8. Fun!! And did you have twins at your party, or just look-alikes??


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