Thursday, 12 May 2011

Hey You…

Eleven months after buying the tickets, the day finally arrived.



Last night I saw a 67 year old man perform The Wall.  He hadn’t performed it for nearly 30 years and his voice finally fitted his music.

I saw Pink Floyd in 1994 at Earls Court and this felt like the missing link.  Aside from the music, the show was fabulous – an absolute treat to the senses.  The iconic Teacher was menacing, as he was lowered down on to the stage.


The Teacher (2)


As the show progressed, a wall was built, hiding the musicians, onto which projections added to the visual impact.


The Wall finale


The finale was the wall coming crashing down.




Given the chance, I would go back for every night of the tour to hear my favourite song ever.




  1. My Dad loves this band and so I love them too as it reminds me of him listening to their albums when I was younger. It is nice to know that the band formed just down the road in ely too :-) Also we had the former band member Barrett in our ward the other year too - he had a stalker who used to call him there poor chap.

  2. Sounds brilliant. Hard to believe he's approaching 70 (tho the mister here has been a fan since the early days).

  3. My husband has always been a big Pink Floyd fan - he would be very envious of you!

    Pomona x

  4. wow.

    that must have been amazing.

    (I know that everytime I see Bruce Springsteen I melt!)


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