Saturday, 7 May 2011

From the garden…

It’s been sporadic, but I am still trying to avoid buying cut flowers, choosing to find things* from the garden to bring inside instead.


Tray and bottles


I have been collecting interesting jars and bottles to put them in.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed either – a friend popped in the other day with three little glass bottles saying that she thought I’d like them for flowers!


Green alkanet


It seems that I enjoy finding wild flowers just as much as things I have intentionally planted and this green alkanet is spreading around the garden at the moment (warning! it stings like crazy!)


Cow parsley


Then, I have to confess to stopping in the lane that leads to my local nursery to pick some cow parsley to add some frothiness.


Bluebells on my windowsill


On my windowsill (2)


Add a couple of bluebells that are wasted growing in the tiniest of gaps along my drive and my kitchen windowsill is looking good.  In my opinion.


Easter flowers


And so does the table. (The eggs have long gone…)

I’m going on my annual bluebell walk tomorrow, but I think we may be disappointed as everything has flowered so early this year…


*scroll down to the end of the post!


  1. Did you see this today?

  2. Utterly beautiful. These are my favourite kinds of flower too. I have alkanet - eech, it's so spiky.

  3. How lovely, I'm on the look out for more glass bottles too, I think they look so quaint!

  4. Oh I love your arrangements. Simply beautiful. And so much nicer than any bouquet from the shops. K x

  5. These are my favorite kinds of bouquets, and I envy you the bluebells! Oh, and I'm in love with that pottery mug/jug on the sunny windowsill...

  6. Right, that's it - I am going into the garden and starting to snip. I've dug and pruned and weeded and planted till my back aches this week, and I think I deserve some pretty flowers in my kitchen too!


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