Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 - May


:: a butterfly ::

in the tattoo studio

May - a butterfly

:: a bicycle ::

planted by the Scavenger Hunt Gods

May - a bicycle

:: a red door ::

on the Waterloo to Southampton train

May - a red door

:: a cartoon character ::

dangling from Jasmine’s bracelet

May - a cartoon character

:: an emergency vehicle ::

plenty to see outside St Mary’s

May- an emergency vehicle

:: think vintage! ::

a gift from Emma for hosting the jewellery workshop

May - think vintage!

:: something blue ::

what’s not to love about a blue sky?

May - something blue

:: a street light ::

outside Kew Gardens station

May - a street lamp

:: texture ::

not a great photo, but this bronze fennel adds an amazing texture to my back border

May - texture

:: a sign of the zodiac ::

my sign, Gemini

May - a sign of the zodiac

:: an interesting local building ::

am I cheating? It is in London and I do live in London, so kind of local, but definitely interesting!

May - an interesting local building

:: a portrait in black and white ::

my favourite of me and Tom, propped against the mirror in the hall

May - a portrait in black and white


  1. So now I need to know ...

    when is your birthday - coming up soon?

    What tattoo did you get - I think you told me but I have forgotten.

    And that photo of you and Tom is so very special.

  2. Great pics :) and we need to see your tattoo.

  3. An interesting set of photos, I especially like the bike, vintage and texture photos :)

  4. I love your pictures! What a fabulous idea...photo scavenger hunts...I might join the hunt. Just as soon as my camera is either fixed or replaced. Cheers!
    Miss Charlotte

  5. Love them, especially the blue sky and the fennel.

  6. lovely pics! I'm 7 short....

  7. Lovely! Its so nice to see how people interpret the list. I love the black and white portrait, and the blue sky is beautiful. Fab photos. xxx

  8. Isn't it wonderful when something you need for the hunt just pops up somewhere!
    Lisa x

  9. Oh, I just love the portrait of you and Tom. Wonderful.

  10. Is your blue sky reflected in water? It has a reflection quality to it :)

  11. Love the black & white photo of you & Tom.

    I was a bit late with my May list month, I will do better for June.


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