Thursday, 26 May 2011

It rained…

…at last




Droplet on washing line









Droplet on cosmos



Droplets on pinks


It probably wasn’t great that I was walking back from the station in it and got soaked to the skin, in spite of having an umbrella.  But at least I haven’t got to do my watering tonight! 


  1. I never thought I'd be so happy to see rain! So sorry about the soaking on the way home--blech. But gorgeous photos! K x

  2. Oh Tracy -- that macro lens of yours is the BOMB. (Helps to have a great photographer using it, too!)

    If you need more rain, I'll have one of the fighter jets from the nearby Air Force base drop a few barrels of our surplus on ya...

  3. Rain is most welcome when it's been missing for a while. Just ask an Australian farmer that's been through 10 years of drought. Sorry you got soaked though. :( Love your photos.
    Anne xx

  4. much as i love the rain am hoping it stops for our weekend camping trip!
    wonderful photos :)

  5. Poured down here, too. Just as we were having new fencing put in. The garden is an even muddier mess now!

  6. we had a little our way too - nice not to have to get the watering can out but not so great that you got a soaking! Your photos are stunning by the way - really stunning!

  7. We had some rain - but not enough, and so the watering goes on!

    Pomona x

  8. i so love your macro photos!


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