Friday, 26 August 2011

Seeing stars...

Still raining here so more sewing to catch up on.  I have written about 1000 words of my book today, so I think it is good to balance that out with some creative soul-food.

I posted here about my plans to give my two nephews a quilt each for their christening presents and I had reached a bit of standstill for one reason or another.  While I was on a roll yesterday in fabric love mode, I managed to cut out the rest of the pieces for the one I had made a start on.  That was some serious cutting out - just under 600 pieces!

I find it incredibly satisfying to see an organised pile of fabric on my worktable ready for sewing.

I am using this tutorial for July Star Blocks over at Cluck Cluck Sew, although I have made the blocks slightly bigger to achieve the size quilt I was looking for.

It has been a real challenge trying to think of what type of quilt would appeal to a 14 year old boy and I really hope it isn't too childish.  This is just a mock-up using the collage creator to give me a feel of what it will look like.  12/35 blocks completed.

For the my younger nephew I have chosen to make something with a bit of a watery feel as he is our star diver and likes to be in the water.  I pulled lots of blues and soft greys and some splashes of green from my stash and am using the Wonky Roman Stripe Block from this book.  I love the mixture of solids and prints.
This is my first mock-up block to get a feel for how it might turn out.

I really am hoping that this week's persistent rain will give way to a dryer and even warmer bank holiday weekend.  Right, I'm off to make pizza for dinner and change the pace and relax in to some hand-quilting on this quilt.  Poor neglected thing.


  1. i love all your quilts... still need to make my girls theirs... have fabric stashed away too. wishing you a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend Tracy
    love Ginny x

  2. They are both beautiful and I really don't think the one for the 14 year old is childish at all - gorgeous colours!

  3. 600 pieces?! That's some pretty serious cutting!

  4. I made my now 14 year old nephew a cot quilt when he was born. In spite of it having Noah motif fabric, it still resides on his bed.

    Yours is much more suitable for a teenager and will be treasured, I'm sure!

  5. The color combinations are super. I think you've chosen exactly right.

    K x

  6. Stunning! And congrats on the writing progress! Here's to a sunny, gorgeous bank holiday weekend...


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