Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 - November

:: a lucky charm ::
my ring ... I never not wear it

:: a poppy ::
worn with pride

:: a self-portrait eeeek!!!!
eeeek indeed

:: comfort food ::
a deliciously thick milkshake ... a naughty treat

:: memorial ::
slate from the quarry where we chose Tom's headstone

:: polka dots ::
my wellies

:: silouhette ::
epic fail as No2 would say! Not found : (

:: something purple ::
sumptuous yarn in Loop

:: something that lights up ::
No2's face when there is an Ocado delivery containing doritos/pringles/haribo/skittles etc

:: something you have made ::
tiny hexagon cushion 

:: staircase ::
the escalator at The Angel tube station

:: warmth ::
an open fire. unfortunately, not mine.


  1. I now have a hankering for a milkshake!

  2. Great cushion. It's so bright and cheerful!

    The wellies are funky too :)

  3. Oh I think you & I might have the same coat!!

    Your ring is gorgeous :)

  4. I have a ring I always wear too - never thought to use it for my lucky charm photo, although it is in my self portrait.

  5. love seeing you.

    Hexagon cushion LOVE.

  6. Your wellies are FAB! Where are they from?

  7. I would love some spotty wellies like those!

  8. Wonderful entries and stunning presentation. The milkshake looks yummy!

  9. You're looking lovely as ever! I think I've got somebody over here who would get on famously with No.2...

    Also, delish-looking milkshake AND that escalator photo gave me such a nostalgic pang!

  10. I tried to get a face lighting up too, but isn't it hard to capture? The moment passes and then you just can't recreate it 10 minutes later when I have found the camera in the bottom of my bag!

  11. Angel - is that the very high one?
    Love your ring.

  12. Your polka dot wellies are brilliant - love them.


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