Thursday, 1 December 2011

1 :: paperwhites ...

In spite of carefully diarising when to plant my paperwhite bulbs so that they would flower at Christmas, this crazy weather made them flower four weeks early! In fact, they only took two weeks from planting to flowering.

Their scent fills the downstairs of the house and seems to be at its strongest in the afternoon when it is just starting to get dark.

Today, I took delivery of another batch which I think I will plant just a few days before Christmas Day so that I can something lovely to look forward to in the New Year.


  1. Your paperwhites look fabulous - great photos! Lucy xx

  2. They look beautiful, if only we had smelly-vision :-(

  3. very pretty. love the film effect on the top photo too. I also like your 'proper' bag x

  4. very lovely, and a reminder that I should go and check on my hyacinth bulb! x

  5. We're planting ours tomorrow ...

  6. Glad it wasn't just mine - though I seem to have produced a succession (more luck than judgement, I think) so hopefully I can enjoy them a little longer.

    Love your photos today.


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