Monday, 5 December 2011

5 :: playing with fabric...

A progress post today. I didn't make a mad decision to make a whole load of Christmas presents this year as I knew from experience that it just stresses me out.  There are just a couple of things instead. This is what is on the wall at the moment awaiting completion:

The front of a potholder, bottom left and one block of another potholder, top left. Inspired by this pin.

The blocks on the right are for a festive table runner for my Christmas table. Now I have my final numbers (20!) I know how long I've got to make it. It all depended on whether I needed one or two additional leaves in my table, you see.

Today I have woken up full of No2's cold (yeah, I'll blame him!) and a 6 chapter attachment from my copy-editor (eeeek!) to go through. Who knew that a document with 'track changes' looked so scary? What to do? Carry on sewing or hunker down and cringe at my punctuation?


  1. Well, you know what you *ought* to do - but which did you decide to go with?

  2. Punctuate first, then reward yourself with a sewing session!

  3. So impressed you'll be serving 20-- I get stressed just cooking for G and myself!

    Track Changes does look awful on the screen. I work with it hidden--so much easier to read.

    Get well soon (and definitely before Saturday and Selvedge)!

    K x


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