Tuesday, 6 December 2011

6 :: Petersham goodies...

Last week (or was it the one before that even? They are flying by, so who knows?) I was taken out for a belated celebratory lunch by a friend.  My choice of venue, so to Petersham Nurseries it was.

My friend had never been there and I managed to find our way there by car without my trusty navigator directing me! As I suspected, it was wonderfully Christmassy and all very tempting.  The orange decorations in my blog header were top of my wanties list. I decided though, to buy the ingredients to brighten up the pots outside the front door. The barrows at the entrance to the nursery are very inspirational and so I picked three of the best.

I'm hoping they will last right through until I change the pots for my spring tulips. I love the silvery foliage on the left and the berries are fabulously plump.

I also bought a little potted Christmas tree which is planted up and on my back door step with lights twinkling through it. My first bit of festive  decorating done! I'm with Nina on the little by little approach.


  1. But what did you eat for lunch? I need to know!

  2. Seasonal pots - very good idea! Only all the garden centres near us are so stuffed with Xmas tat, they have forgotten about the plants.
    I'm sure Petersham was the epitome of class.


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