Wednesday, 7 December 2011

7 :: A Ta-Dah Moment...

Fully deserving of the capitalisation, I think. May I present, in all it's finished glory, My Ripple Blanket.

Looking suitably atmospheric on my bed there! It's been most welcome the last two nights too as I've shivered myself to sleep due to both the sudden drop in temperature and the germs that are rampaging through the house at the moment.

Some thoughts, then. Lucy's pattern is the easiest ripple by far. Trust me, I tried others.  I'm SO VERY GLAD I hooked in the ends as I went along (accompanied by a very small securing knot) as I think I would have lost the will to live had I had to do them all at the end. It felt most decadent to just merrily snip them all off with my scissors.

I'm not sure if I'll ever attempt such a large blanket again. At least not for A Very Long Time.

There are some pretty impressive stats to go with it.

  • Each ripple consists of 14 treble crochets and there are 30 ripples per row. That makes 420 stitches per row.
  • I crocheted 164 rows, so that makes for 68,880 stitches. 
  • I used 65 balls of yarn. There are 116m in each ball. That adds up to 4.69miles of yarn. I'm allowed to switch between metric and imperial because my convertor app lets me ; )

On and off, it has taken me 18 months to complete and felt at times like a mammoth task. But then, I do have a very large bed! I haven't actually measured it but I'm guessing that it's over 6' wide and over 5' long. It's big.

A very big tick off my to-do list.


  1. Yay, well done you! I have started and abandoned ripple blankets so frequently. I have to say, your stats do not make me want to start another one!

    Hope you are soon germ free ...

  2. Oooh! That is impressive indeed!

    And now is definitely the time for warm blankets--brrr.

    K x

  3. Forgive me as I gulp and try to absorb the enormity of the four and a half plus miles of crochet.

  4. So Wonderful!! I loved the stats! Is it greedy that I want to see more pictures of it?!

  5. well done you!

    I'm with dottycookie.

    And that is an heirloom you have created there.

  6. wow i am going dizzy thinking about it... well done... so impressed. x

  7. Wow that's amazing! Very impressive stats too!!

  8. wow. astonishing and gorgeous. well done. now go for a lie down xxx

  9. It's fabulous... but all those stats make me want to lie down. (preferably under a ripple blanket)

  10. Lovely! That is an amazing accomplishment. Any chance you could share the pattern (and yarn you used) or where you found the pattern? Thanks!

    1. Hi Suzanne - hope you see this reply, I couldn't find an email for your comment (you're a

      The pattern I used is from Attic24

      It took forever, but then it is a very big blanket! I used Sublime merino dk yarn, which is utterly gorgeous to work with.

      Hope this helps!



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