Monday, 12 December 2011

12 :: Not my favourite part of Christmas...

I write so infrequently with a pen now that I have found it to be quite a chore and so doing my Christmas cards is by far the worst part of the whole festive season for me.

It doesn't stop me wanting to buy gorgeous cards though. I bought this lovely box from Jen Rowland when I visited Cockpit Arts Open Studios a couple of weeks ago. They are for my special people! I have to be careful as there are only 10 in the box!

I also made some using some of my photographs and some brown paper cards from Paperchase. I cut the photos out to look like little polaroid shots and added a little bit of type.

I'm' all written out now and have spent the afternoon learning how to mail merge on my new desktop, so I'm feeling a tad headachy. I know ... I'll go do some more knitting.


  1. Not my favourite part either so I've not started mine yet.

  2. I'm really behind with these this year. It's on my list for this week and I agree - it's not my favourite part though I do like thinking about the people I'm going to send them to as I write them!

  3. Love the polaroid idea, and the birdies are charming! I am not doing cards this year...well, maybe New Year's ones. We'll see.

  4. So little time! So many cards! No stamps!


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