Thursday, 10 December 2009

It's all about the pompom fringe...

I was powerless to resist such gorgeousness.

Such colours.

That went perfectly with a bag of scraps I had from my nieces quilts.

So, here we have three cushions for three girls.

For Jasmine - simple 2" squares.

For Rio - my first log cabin.

For Tia - 4 log cabins!

All made with a simple envelope back because I hate putting zips in.

Remember this?

My job for today is to sort this lot out!

I couldn't have one without the others...


  1. Just stop posting this gorgeousness.


    Oh alright then I will just have to put up with it!!

  2. Argh, it's all so pretty and I feel so envious! That pompom trim is fabulous. Your nieces must adore having you as their auntie!

    It was wonderful to see you this morning, and with such a straightforward drive I'd love to do it again one day soon.

  3. Really lovely. I think the first cushion with the simple squares is my favourite.x

  4. I'm *so* in love with the pompom fringe. Do you think I could put it on a skirt...or would I look too much like a cushion?

    And you know how I love all the colors--gorgeous! The girls are going to be thrilled.

    K x

  5. The cushions are wonderful - those pompom fringes are rather gorgeous and they do go fabulously well with the fabrics. I'm sure there will be squeals of delight! Thanks for making the drive this morning - it was great to meet you at last!

  6. There is no resisting a pompom trim! your cushions are lovely.

  7. The pompom fringe really finishes them off... such prettiness!

  8. oh how I wish I had an auntie like you, care to adopt me?
    love love love the pom poms - I need some of those!

  9. along with everyone else i love the pom pom trim but can you tell us all where you got it from??!!
    gill x

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. What wonderful colour combinations - you have such a good eye for fabric and colour. I particularly like Rio's lime green version but they are so pretty together.


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