Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Another slice of watermelon...

My third and final Christmas quilt is finished and ready for wrapping. I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago - I spent the whole of the first week I was out of hospital hand-quilting it. A nice recuperative job for me to do to aid the healing process. This one is for my middle niece, Rio, who shares a bedroom with Tia so it was important that their quilts went together. Some of the fabrics are the same, but each quilt has some some exclusive to it too.

I used a bright pink gingham for the backing that I originally bought for this quilt because it looked red when I bought it online! Then I spotted the zingy lime binding on a trip to Liberty.

Seeing these three quilts neatly folded is giving me untold joy at the moment. Only equalled by the stacks of fabrics for my next two quilts that I will be starting as soon as Christmas is over.

It is a simple brick-path quilt, probably the easiest quilt I have made so far. I found the pattern here. The light in November was dreadful for photographing this quilt so apologies for terrible photos...

I love the lines of hand-quilting, either side of the seams.

Of course, there were lots of scraps left over so the girls are going to have a little co-ordinating something to have too... I'll show you those tomorrow!


  1. wanting and lusting after one of your quilts -

    terrible traits truly!

  2. Ah, so pretty. I have a second Christmas quilt top ready to go - I'd better get on with it.

    Your colours are so gorgeous. How do you make your labels though? That's one thing I am very bad about doing.

  3. They look beautiful. And your stitches are so nice and even. K x

  4. You are a wonderful quilter! I am sure the recipients will be thrilled with their gifts. Your nieces have such pretty names. x

  5. ooh really really gorgeous xxxx

    what lucky girls xxx


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