Saturday, 12 December 2009

Make a selection...

Sorry for being a spoilsport! I kinda forgot to show what arrived after I wrote this post!

Some of you guessed it! It was made in 1962 so is older than I am by 5 years!

It used to cost 10p a go, but I've got it on freeplay cos I'm generous like that!

There is something for everyone - how about a bit of Dusty?

Or David Bowie?

Make your selection - the buttons have a nostalgic twang to them.

May I present my Juke Box:

My Dad bought it for my Mum's 40th birthday - I remember it coming in the house to wide eyes! It seems to fit perfectly into my living room - as though the space was just waiting to be filled.


  1. How wonderful! can we all come over for a party?

  2. You may now be the coolest person I know...

  3. how fantastic... the party's at yours then!

  4. How fab! I can totally picture you dancing round the living room! K x

  5. What a wonderful thing to own! Music at a press of a button with no faffing around! x

  6. WOW!!!! you lucky devil! That is soooooo coool!!! xx


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