Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Dino boys...

On one of my excursions around Ravelry, I came across Owlishly. I fell in love at first sight!

I knew 2 boys who would love Luke in the Dinosaur Suit for Christmas.

Both made from yarn from my stash. In different colours so they don't get muddled up, of course!

I know the boys are going to love them! When they visit, they go round my house collecting up all my hand-made things to show me!

I'm developing quite a passion for dinosaur crochet...


  1. They are wonderful and beautifully made. I love the roundness of their heads!!! So cute!!! x

  2. Oh, I love Owlishly too - I keep filling up my basket with her patterns then reminding myself that making them will KILL my elbow. So I just stroke the screen and move on.

  3. Oh I am so in love! Must book crochet lessons... K x

  4. They are so cute! Wish I had little boys to make them for!

  5. oooh adorable, and what a great pattern xxx

  6. they're fab - definitely will be a christmas hit!


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