Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Not crackers...

I've so enjoyed having time at home this year to get stuck into making loads of hand-made gifts for Christmas. Perhaps this is my vocation. It seems the more I make, the more I want to make and my brain is fit to burst.

One thing I find a complete waste of money is Christmas crackers. Every year we seem to spend a fortune on nice ones, only for me to be left with a little pile of stuff that came out of them to oohs and aahhs but actually, stuff no-one really wanted! Nobody likes to wear the hat - in fact my one never fits me! I've even had a 2 pint jug of gravy being spilt all over the table (and my poor Mum) in a display of strength needed to pull the cracker apart!

SO, this year I thought I would do little table gifts for everyone instead. I'm a glutton for punishment, see.

I have to say, I was inspired by this irresistible book.

The boys in my family WILL have my crochet! No2 gave his seal of approval and said I should surprise him with one. I made them into key rings so they could hang them on their school bags! And all the materials came from my stash, so no cost to me other than my time.

Then there came the girls. I could have gone mad and made every single item in this book (maybe one day I will) but I was also dying to make these hearts from Owlishly.

Again, I added a keyring and decorated them with some buttons from my jar. Crochet fascinates me still; it seems there is no end to the things you can create.
Then onto the adults...

Way back in the summer I grabbed some skeins of gorgeous Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in the John Lewis sale. Rather than buy several of one colour, I bought just one skein of several colours. I wish you could put your hand in and feel how wonderfully soft this yarn is.

Then, I saw this little beauty and I knew just what to use it for.

That's the ladies sorted. I have to confess to being stumped as to what to get for the menfolk and have resorted to a scratch card. Of course, if any of them win, I will have half!
Come back tomorrow to see the boxes I've made to put them all in!


  1. Very nice!! Congratulations :-)

  2. What a gorgeous idea! I'm afraid I did resort to bought crackers since I'm not finished making the actual presents yet ... I love the brroch you made me and I'm sure all your guests will too!

  3. That is such a good idea!! That yarn looks so soft...! x

  4. these are great! but your poor mum and the gravy incident... i have the image fixed in my head now...
    they are sure going to love the corsages ... the yarn is heavenly!
    will pop back to see your gift boxes.
    have a happy day
    ginny x

  5. Not content with cooking for 21, now they all get a handmade gift too! You truly are superwoman this year!

  6. What a wonderful idea and what gorgeous gifts. I usually make my own crackers but this year I ran out of time and I bought some.

  7. Your gifts are beautiful - I'm sure everyone will be pleased with such a lovely, handmade item in their crackers.

    I hope you and yours have a really wonderful Christmas, and that 2010 is one of your best years ever.


  8. love those hearty keyrings!
    Have a fabulous Christmas honey x

  9. One superwoman here! Really love all the handmade goodies here, from quilts to corsages to crochet...all so beautiful!

    A very happy christmas to you, Tracy!

    Diana x

  10. Oh the key rings and brooches are fabulous and *so* much better than crackers! So impressed!

    K x

  11. have you ever thought about etsy?

    Truly - you should!

    Merry Christmas



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