Sunday, 13 December 2009

A spectrum from my stash...

Ever since I bought this book, I always wanted to make this pencil roll.

Being new to quilting though, I didn't really have enough suitable fabrics to make it without buying each coloured piece specifically. Now that I have been buying fabrics for various different quilts and other projects, my stash has grown and yielded the requirements for this project.

Then I found some bargain pencils in the summer sale...

...and a linen jacket being put in the charity shop bag round at my Mum's...

...and I was in business.

I found some gorgeous ribbon here...

...then raided my button stash...

...decided to use bright pink thread for my top-stitching (do you see how wonky my stitching is?!)...

...and I have made not one...

...but two pencil rolls for two little girls for Christmas.


  1. I've been wanting to make those too. I wonder if I have enough colours now ...

  2. Oh snap! I have that book, want to make that pencil roll, and have been wondering if I have the right amount of appropriately coloured fabrics yet! You've done a lovely job on them - great ribbon.

  3. What lovely gifts. I would like to make one of those for me!

  4. Your stitching looks fine to me and I am sure the little girls will love their pencil rolls. x

  5. they will love them... pencil rolls are a great gift x

  6. One day, I'll make one (probably for myself!)

  7. Very sweet and not a wonky stitch in sight!

  8. I've been in love with this project too ever since I bought the book. Yours look gorgeous!

    I'll just have to use my lack of fabric scraps as my excuse for not making it yet. You're putting me to shame with all this industriousness!

    K x

  9. beautifully done - two little girls are going to be very happy come christmas morning!

  10. I have made a couple of pencil rolls but never a colour co-ordinated one - they are so lovely and I'm sure the two small people due to receive these will be enchanted by them :o)

    ps I know they won't even notice the odd slightly wonky stitch too

  11. Very nice!! Great colours!
    So nice to meet another dragonfly :-)
    Have a great day! Karen


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