Monday, 11 July 2011

A bug's life...

Today, No2 started work experience. His first taste of the world beyond education and play.

I showed him the way by bus and tube, then left him in the hands of others who I'm hoping will inspire him.

The clues were adorning the building and I silently hoped he realised how lucky he was to get such a fantastic opportunity.

I was unexpectedly emotional on my journey home and spent the day clock-watching until he got home.

His task for the next two weeks is to study the life-cycle of mosquitoes. Today he discovered that:

* they get fed baby food
* some people get paid to get bitten
* there are whole departments dedicated to repellants
* that dust mites aren't very nice
* and bed bugs are even worse
* that he is close to Oxford Street and all the shopping opportunities!

I'm hoping he doesn't bring anything nasty home with him!


  1. that is sooooo exciting! Good luck to him. I'm sure this is an experience he will never forget.

  2. I bet he has a great time. And I bet they're very hot on disease containment so no need to worry!

  3. I would be so thrilled if Will got similar work experience.

    I hope your boy has a fascinating time.

  4. What a fabulous opportunity for him

  5. He must have the best work experience on anyone in his class! Hope the first day went well. And dust mites and bed bugs are indeed very scary--ick!

    K x

  6. OOOooh! interesting! When I worked at the JR (CCVTM) they had a chamber in there where you went in to get bitten by mosquitos so they could 'research' cures for malaria .. then you had to go in isolation for a few months. I think that was the highest paid 'guinea pig' job there was up there ... shudder ...

  7. Sounds like your son got a really good posting! My son did his two weeks work experience last month and he loved it. He was posted to the Whipple Museum in Cambridge. I too was an anxious Mum, but he had such a great time and came back from it so confident.

  8. That's a brilliant placement. And he learned so much on his first day!

  9. what a fantastically interesting opportunity. well done him for getting such a great placement. I wonder what my girl will end up doing next year? when al and i had the studio space we took on 3 work experience students (not all at the same time) It was very rewarding... now i don't suppose my girl would want to come to me!!


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